Celebrate sobriety with Medallions

Celebrate sobriety with Medallions

I've just added another great product to my shop! Anniversary medallions! These are very special indeed.

For the first style, I start with high quality hard wood and engrave designs on both sides! Usually AA slogans - Not a glum lot - We are not saints - Keep Coming Back along with an aztec design (see photo) or flourishes. These medallions are customizable - you can add a name "Janice G." and # of years sober, or sobriety date.

Another beautiful option is mirrored cast acrylic. These are one sided with design around periphery and #years in the middle. I like to say "Look at you sober!" <mirror>

The last one is made with clear cast acrylic. Design around periphery and #years in the middle. Comes with hole at the top and key ring. 

These 3 styles are very popular and people LOVE receiving them as sober birthday gifts. 

These beautifully engraved medallions MAKE GREAT GIFTS for sober events such as conventions, retreats, roundups - as take away gifts for volunteers! We can engrave the name of the convention, the theme and the year. We can also add a name if you want to give really personal gifts. 

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