Gifts For Sober Friends

Gifts For Sober Friends

 When I was new, I remember my sponsor told me about this thing called a “God can”. Basically, it was an empty coffee can with some duct tape around it with the words “God Can” in thick magic marker. A slot carved into the plastic top big enough to be able to deposit a folded up note into it. The point of it was, at those too often moments where we feel completely overwhelmed by the wreckage of our present, problems that seem at the moment to be catastrophic and surely the end of the world - and if we are, like me, not exactly bf’s with “God” or any type of religion, I needed to be able to gather myself around the idea that there was a power greater than me, one that makes succulents, and birds of paradise and Giant Sequoias, and that the artist in me knew deep inside that nature was the peephole to where God was. I had to get a visual on this power and then harness it with a faith that would get me through the hardest times of getting clean and sober. The “can” represented a portal to the great mystery of the universe, and by my writing down my problem on a piece of paper, folding it up, and saying a prayer to the universe and dropping in into the can, I was letting go of the problem - emotionally, psychologically, and just being in the present moment calmed me down.

The real magic happens after one year, when it’s time to open the box and read how the problems you had over the past year were remedied in ways that would never have occurred to you. In fact, the pattern we see is usually that, if we let go and let God, our lives open to more opportunities and possibilities than we would ever have chosen for ourselves.

So, if you think about it, who DOESN’T need a GOD BOX? What a great gift to anyone you know who could use a little faith.

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